Realtor Tools Release Announcement

realtor-toolsRealtor Tools is available to the public in google

Realtor Tools allows a real estate agent to quickly build a real estate transaction for buyers and sellers, determine net proceeds, LTV% for a new home mortgage as well as the commissions that will be paid for each of the agents involved.

The user enters a few basic pieces of information such as the list price of the current home, amount owed on the home, estimated closing costs and any additional cash the seller has available. The commission percentages can be modified for each deal. The agent can then add details on the purchase of a new home such as purchase price, estimated taxes and insurance and an APR, and an estimated payment for a traditional loan is calculated for your client.

You can easily add contacts to the deal so you can always be in touch with your clients directly from the deal. Send your client a deal summary via email so they have all the relevant details right in their inbox.

Features coming soon include:
– closing date scheduling, integrated with your phone’s calendar
– PDF emails
– color coded deal status so you can quickly see where a deal is in the process
– multiple buy scenarios in a single deal
– addresses and pictures of the property added to a deal
– offer evaluation tool

This is the first app in a suite of tools coming soon to include a customer, lender, and inspector app.