About us, contact, etc.

Welcome to High Plains Software. Our sole focus is making good ideas available to the masses. We encourage (and compensate for) every step of the development process, and welcome anyone to take part:

App development isn’t that hard, it’s not difficult once you know the steps and are familiar with the process. Why can’t we help others in moving their great ideas to reality? Without the high cost of consultants and overhead of silicon valley developers, the doors are open for endless opportunities. [James Johnson, President – High Plains Software]

…views on moving anyone’s idea to production:

There is no reason that the process to move an idea for an app to an item the app stores should be time-consuming, confusing, or expensive. We want to create a place where anyone, from the makers and creatives to the computer illiterate (like me), can suggest ideas and then be as involved as they choose during the creation and publication of that app. [Cory Barnett, Program Director – High Plains Software]

On September 10, our first application, Realtor Tools, made its prime time début on the Google Play Store. Feel free to download the app and leave your feedback and comments.

High Plains Software LLC